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Color Wonder is a product made by Crayola, primarily intended for use by younger children, in which the special clear-ink marker only appears on the Color Wonder paper. Originally made with markers and paper, Color Wonder has also made specialty products including paints, etc. The Color Wonder products debuted in 1993. Color Wonder paints and fingerpaints, as well as Color Wonder coloring books of popular characters such as Disney Pixar's Cars and Disney Princess also exist.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time Cons: Completely unrealistic place to work at. Every day people get fired and then they wonder why that everyone is disgruntled and miserable. Always in fear of loosing your job. Micromanagent is an understatement in that company! Owners are phsycodic!"


"I worked at Great Big Color Cons: Structural and procedural issues that need fixing at top management level."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time for more than a year Cons: More managers than employees, owners who hate their employees and unions (even though the owners are hardcore Democrats), policies change by the hour, always being told how lucky you are to work there, always under threat of being fired, screw the customer mentality by the owners, taking on more work than they can handle, dangerouse fumes from the ink/solvent and the owners could care less."


"I have been working at Great Big Color Cons: I worked there for less than a year, like everybody else and saw 18good workers fired. You are in constant fear of being fired. The owners think that they are above you - you are only their minion and they treat you so. Tina and Sean bring their horribley spoiled children to do whatever they please around the office during work hours. And they thoroughly enjoy stealing other companies ideas. They travel to find other companies ideas."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time for less than a year Cons: The owners are clueless. They have no idea how to run a company. I can't believe they are still in business. In my year there I saw 30+ people leave. This place is a joke."

Former Employee - Production says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time for less than a year Cons: Worse company ever experienced working for. Owner is despotic. Work here and you will be sorry. Everyone looking to get out. Everyday you live in fear of being fired, and those are the lucky ones. Switch and bait tactics with lots of there clients. Work here and get ready for needing therapy."

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time Cons: The ten months I spent here were hands-down the worst time of my working life. If you take a job here, expect to be cursed at, berated, and threatened every single day. The staff is miserable and in constant fear. At any moment you could be fired for any reason or none at all. The owner is, on his best day, merely unreasonable and abrasive. On an average day, he throws knives, screams curses, calls his employees idiots, and uses childish intimidation tactics to demonstrate his dominance. Hours (for salaried employees) are looooong, and any attempt to make a balance between work and home life is met with further threats and bullying. You are expected to work constant unpaid overtime and to do it with a smile. Of course, in the slow season there is a weeklong furlough of all employees; so basically if the company needs you, you work extra for no extra money, and when they don't you take the hit on your paycheck. Turnover is insane. I was there ten months and saw over twenty people leave the company. Many are fired without warning or cause. Many more quit. The stress will give you ulcers. Don't work here."

Former Employee - Production Manager says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time for more than a year Cons: These people absolutely do not value their employees. The owners are egomaniacs who grossly overvalue their worth to the company at the expense of others. This place claims to expect excellence which in reality is defined as working unreasonable hours for low pay under poor conditions. GBC is truly a modern day sweat shop run by people totally out of touch with reality."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at Great Big Color full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Even when you've been a "loyal" employee they still stab you in the back while claiming to be your friend. You're constantly walking on glass afraid you'll be fired at any minute for any reason. The work ethics of the owners is unbelievable, and they try screwing everyone even they're clients to make a buck for themselves not the company! They fire upper management if that person doesn't do what they tell them to do even if it's morally wrong and/or completely illegal. The pay is lousy and the benefits are even worse! Employees have to pay into an "employee fund" to pay for summer picnics/Christmas parties but yet have NO say on when, where, or anything. This place does NOT care about their employees one bit, only theirselves and their pocket books."

Current Employee - Cannot Say says

"I have been working at Great Big Color full-time for more than a year Cons: Turnover is out of control at this company. Between lay offs, firings, and people who just can't stand to work here any longer and leave, we lose an unbelievable amount of human talent every year. As some of the other reviewers have mentioned, the owners run the company on a foundation of fear and threats. We must have a meeting at least once a month with the sole purpose of telling us how replaceable we are and that we're not working hard enough. The company is also lacking a clear direction. The owners have big dreams about where they want the company to go, but it appears they have no plan for getting there. Part of that means we're losing employees, but we're losing clients at the same time. This place is not only directionally unstable, but with how slow business is getting we must be financially unstable. You can only handle working here for so long before you're worn down to the point where all you can think about is getting out."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"You will never get fired. You don't have to actually work if you don't feel like it. There is a false sense of a laid back atmosphere, everyone is watching you, and if they think they will get an extra pat on the back, they will run to management (Since HR , who writes all the positive reviews on here by the way, is useless). There are some genuinely good people at the bottom end of the company that work there. The benefits are mediocre at best. Horrible Management. There is zero incentive to excel. Management does not care about their employees well being, or safety. The pay is a joke. There is zero room for career growth and advancement unless you are part of their inner circle. They will not train you. Cons: Incompetent management. Bad pay, below average benefits."

Urine stain to them (Current Employee) says

""Handy Art" took its job postings/ reviews off from indeed. Gee... I wonder why. Penn color is just their "sister company" in Milton. One in the same; dont let them fool you. If i could give this place zero stars, i would. Management runs like an iron fist Gestapo prison. Pay employees peanuts and expect them to care. In the event that someone actually worthwhile walks thru the door, management will belittle and degrade them in the 6 point interview process until they're nearly in tears.... they sure blow it. Dont have a clue. Offer them the job at piddly wage... as said... then expect them to care. It's like a big lotto game to them; " how many people can we hire or fire this week?" RUN AWAY. DONT DO IT MAN. No matter how much they try to sugar coat it with rainbows and unicorns, it's just a figment of their imaginations. Really a painted donkey with a plunger stuck on its head... there's your unicorn. Penn color... a festering boil on the backside of milton. Cons: Most all the upper level management"

Pre Mix Operator (Former Employee) says

"The upper management don't care about you. And the lower management tries and play mental games with you. The coworkers will be two faced to you no matter what. It is truly a toxic work place."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Upper Management (including HR in PA) is terrible and unprofessional, and when issues are addressed you are pushed aside and a target is automatically on your back. Belittling employees is a HUGE issue at this plant and most employees complain about how much they hate their job and are pushed around by a select few employees who "have seniority". Might I add, that when interviewees leave management discusses the result of the interview and their physical or mental capabilities with other employees which is INCREDIBLY WRONG. And then you have one particular employee who calls you and former employees stupid to other employees and nitpicks until you quit or are fired. The work environment is so hostile and distracting that most people can't wait to leave that they fly out of the parking lot at the end of the work day. DO NOT EVEN APPLY HERE!"

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Everyone there was very friendly and great to work with. While the work environment was friendly and inviting I can not say the same for management. They would have expectations but not share those with others."

Maintenance Manager (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend this company. Too many management issues. This is not a company I would suggest making a career at. Again it is just one persons opinion."

Environmental Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Family owned company. Very educational experience! I had a great boss who was wonderful to work for."

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Paid bills, Entered the bills into the computer. Did all the filing of the paid bills and the unpaid bills."

I don't wish to disclose says

"Never had a problem before but had a problem with a product and they are just ignoring me. It’s these times when you rate a company. They want your money but aren’t interested in resolving problems."

Mary Heart says

"Good value Nice tip point Safe for younger kids On the negative Don’t erase great"

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